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Sum It Up Saturday for June 2nd 2012

I’ve decided to start a weekly blog post called “Sum It Up Saturday” where I sum up my week in a couple paragraphs while adding a few pictures I’ve taken throughout the week. This will help me remember some of the cute things Emilie’s said or did while allowing everyone a little update on how we are doing!

Okay lets start. I already updated Monday in my camping post so I’ll start with Tuesday.

Emilie normally has gymnastics on Tuesdays but because we only have one car right now we skipped gymnastics and spent Tuesday relaxing around the house. We were both exhausted from our busy weekend and I had a weeks worth of laundry to catch up on. Cody’s new job started on Tuesday and he really seems to like it. I think it’s pretty much a work at your own pace job and as long as you get everything done that needs to be done that day no one bothers you. He works with other guys (an a few girls but I’m pretty sure once training is over he’ll work alone most of the time. I really think that’s what he needed and I’m positive he’ll be happier now. I’ve already noticed a change in his attitude and it’s only been a few days.

(I just re-read that paragraph and there’s a lot of “I thinks” and “I’m pretty sure’s”. So basically, I don’t have a clue. lol)

The rest of the week has been about the same. Emilie and I have done a lot of relaxing and a little bit of cleaning and Cody’s worked during the day and went to class at night. I sometimes wish we had another vehicle so Em and I could get out of the house but I’m not really sure where we’d go besides my parents and gas is a bit to pricey to make the hour trip one way more then once a week or so.

Emilie found a binky in her toy box this week. She hasn’t had one in about a month so I was surprised that she even put it in her mouth, let along cried when I tried to take it away. To avoid a huge meltdown I let her keep it until nap time (about an hour) and then while she was sleep I took it from her. To my surprise she woke up from nap looking for “bebe” (She calls all her “security” things “bebe’s”. Blankie, baby, binky). She grumbled most of the day for her bebe but by the next morning she was over it again.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t thrilled to make her give up her binky but in the end I’m glad we did. I don’t know if you’d say she’s behind in talking, but she’s not saying phrases like other kids her age (I know, I know, don’t compare. Every kid grows differently). Since we’ve given up the binky I’ve noticed a big difference in her talking more. There’s still only a short list of words she says but we are hearing them (and a bunch of babbles) much more frequently. Thursday while getting her a sippy cup she said “juice” and then signed “thank you”. She’s also been using the sign “more” a lot lately as well as “please”.

Today (which is Friday because this post was written in advance) we are headed back downstate. Cody’s cousin’s open house is tonight and tomorrow is my littlest sister in laws dance recital. I went last year and it was a lot of fun. Cody didn’t have a chance to go because he was deployed so I’m excited he’s home this year to watch. This is the first year she’ll have a solo performance and I know she’ll do great.

That sums up Sum It Up Saturday. See you next week ❤


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