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Sum It Up Saturday for June 9th 2012

I’d like to start by apologizing for Sum It Up Saturday not posting until Sunday this week. Cody’s new job allows him every other Friday off, which is usually the day I sit and type up blog post and schedule them to publish. This happened to be his Friday off and I never got around to typing up a post.

Now, to sum up my week 🙂

Last Saturday we got to watch my youngest brother in law play tee-ball.

Or is it t-ball?

Either way, it’s was fun and we enjoyed it 🙂

Connor playing t-ball.

Saturday night was my sister in law’s first solo dance recital. Emilie and I went and watched her dance last year, and I was super excited to see her perform this year. She’s such a cute and talented dancer. She even won a dance scholarship to dance next year.

Told you she was good 🙂

Unfortunately, Emilie’s attention span doesn’t last long and we ended up leaving right after she preformed and I never got a chance to get a picture of her.

Sunday afternoon on the way home from my in laws we stopped by my mom’s. Emilie spend the afternoon playing in the sand, building sand castles with Grandma.

Emilie playing in the sand.

Monday and Tuesday were spent lounging around at home. Emilie is cutting all four 2 year molars so life in our house is a bunch of drool and crankiness.

Dang teeth anyway.

Emilie not feeling the greatest.

Cuddling with momma.

By Wednesday and Thursday, with the help of a little tylenol, Emilie was back to her old self and we spend our days laughing and playing.

Emilie playing xylophone.

They opened a new splash pad at the local park and so we took advantage of Cody’s day off on Friday and took Emilie to play in the water. She absolutely loved it.

Emilie at the slash pad.

and that rounds out our week.

I’ll leave you with this:

Momma and Emilie making silly faces.

(Notice the hand in my cleavage? My boobs are a new obsession of hers)


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I'm a 27 year old wife to a handsome husband named Cody. A momma to a beautiful princess named Emilie and we are expecting a little prince named Sullivan in Aug.

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